Limited offer for lodgers- take advantage of the "hot spring tour booklet"

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It is that time of year when you can take your time soaking in a hot spring and watching the snow. At the Nyuto hot springs, we sell the "hot spring tour booklet" to all of the guests staying with us. The hot spring tour booklet is a great value for money ticket that allows you to bathe in any of the inn hot spring at Nyuto hot springs, and take the "Hot spring tour Bus" (reservation required) circulating between the inns. It is said that bathing in seven of the hot springs heals all kinds of diseases, and as the outside temperature is low in winter, your pores will close and your skin will become perfectly smooth! !

Nyuto hot springs inns: Tsuruno-yu Taeno-yu Ganiba Ookama Magoroku Kyukamura NYUTO-ONSNEKYO
(Kuroyu hot springs are closed in winter)

Hot springs tour booklet price: 1,550 yen, on sale at each inn's reception desk!




乳頭温泉郷の温泉宿 :鶴の湯 妙乃湯 蟹場 大釜 孫六 休暇村 (黒湯は冬季休館中)
湯めぐり帖価格:1,550円 各宿のフロントで好評発売中!