Exquisite shaved ice from the 1890-founded natural icemaker "Asamireizo"

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Natural ice is produced at only five locations in Japan today and one of these locations is Chichibu-Nagatoro. Asamireizo offers shaved ice made of such natural ice. Although it comes in a generous quantity, it is very easy to eat and it somehow doesn't even give you the regular headaches. Also look out for the unique syrup flavors that you will not find anywhere else, such as "black grapes milk yoghurt" and "whole mandarin orange". In summer and on weekends you may have to wait in a line for up to 2 hours, and you will probably see security officers keeping order. 

Asamireizo Kanezaki parent store: 27 Kanezaki, Ooaza Minano-machi, Chichibu (1 hour drive from Kyukamura OKU-MISASHI)
TEL 0494-62-1119 (Japanese only)


創業1890年 天然氷蔵元「阿左美冷蔵」の極上かき氷


阿左美冷蔵 金崎本店:秩父郡皆野町大字金崎27(休暇村から車で約60分)
TEL 0494-62-1119(日本語のみ)