Fall Tour of the Shinryu-ko (Dragon Lake) covered in maple leaves

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See the Taishaku Gorge from a cruising boat

The valley and the lake at the Taishaku Gorge are said to be about 300 million years old. This popular natural tourist destination was born by erosion of the karst tableland of limestone from the raised ocean floor by the Taishaku River. The 18km long canyon features several places of rare scenic beauty. This treasure-trove of natural science has much to teach you about rare geological features, flora and fauna. The autumn leaves at Taishaku Gorge are at their best from late October to beginning of November. Enjoying them from a cruising boat on the lake is particularly beautiful. The 15km tunnel of bright autumn leaves along the lake is another way to enjoy a stroll in the gorge.

Taishaku Gorge cruising boat: About 7 minutes by car from Kyukamura TAISHAKUKYO
Business hours: October & November?daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; departing every 30 minutes
Fee: Adults 1,200 yen & children 800 yen


秋の神龍湖もみじ狩り 帝釈峡 遊覧船の旅

帝釈峡遊覧船 休暇村より車で約7分

営業期間:10月、11月の毎日 9:00~16:30 30分間隔で運航
料金:大人1,200円  小人800円