Okinoshima - A land-tied island, where we can visit on foot

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Okinoshima is an uninhabited island situated in the southernmost of Kanto region, and is the only land-tied island in that region. This island is designated as Minami-Boso National Park. As many beautiful seashells drift to the shore of this island full of nature, it is good to enjoy beach combing. Sea water of this beach is so clean, this beach has won the superior level “AA” every year in the investigation of swimming beach water conducted by the Ministry of the Environment, and is also famous for the northernmost limit area of coral. The seabed stratum in ancient time was pushed up over a long period of time to become a land today, that is Okinoshima, so fossils can be frequently found here. As there were military facilities during the war, artificial caves still exist here. Okinoshima is so attractive, with many of natural and historical tourist spots.
From Kyukamura TATEYAMA, 10 minutes by car.

Kyukamura TATEYAMA

歩いて渡れる陸繁(りくけい)島 沖ノ島