Obama Onsen: featuring Japan’s longest foot bath

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Obama Onsen is a hot spring resort with about 30 ryokan. The abundant, very hot waters of Obama Onsen have been used for bathing for a long time. The original spring has a temperature of 105 degrees Celsius! This number of the spring temperature inspired to build Japan’s longest foot bath, the “Hot Foot 105” measuring a length of 105m. It includes a walking bath and even a pet bath. Another specialty of Obama Onsen is the “Obama Chanpon”, a local noodle, cooked in a light, fish-based soup, which is served in 20 local restaurants.
20 minutes by car from Kyukamura Unzen.

Kyukamura Unzen:

こころポカポカ 小浜温泉

ほっとふっと105:雲仙市小浜町北本町905-70 (休暇村から車で約20分)