Untold delicacy: the Echizen salty sea-urchin

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The Echizen salty sea-urchin was paid by local fishermen as part of their annual tax in the Edo period. The eggs of the Bafun sea urchin fermented with sun-dried salt are a high-class product ever since. To produce 100g of the salty sea-urchin, you need over 100 Bafun sea urchin eggs: a very costly delicacy. You often hear stories of the old local people indulging in memories how they enjoyed the sea-urchin with a bottle of sake by the sea.
You can try the Echizen salty sea-urchin at Kyukamura Echizen-Mikuni, one plate for 2160 Yen.

Kyukamura Echizen-Mikuni: