Sake lees pudding

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“Yamamura Shuzo” in Takamori town is the oldest sake distillery in Kumamoto Prefecture, moreover, the only one within the caldera of Mt. Aso! At this distillery the lees of the rice wine production are reused for various purposes. They are eaten roasted or reprocessed to sweet sake. A local committee was found to discuss the possibilities to reproduce this resource into local specialties and souvenirs. By now, nine local businesses have started offering their own original menu made of sake lees. At Kyukamura Minami-Aso you can try sake lees pudding, sake lees jelly and sake lees mousse at the dinner buffet during the time of the Shinshu festival (February 13th to March 13th, 2016).

Kyukamura Minami-Aso: