Wild game dishes: The deer of Oku-Musashi

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“Ryoshikoubou” (Japanese for “hunter’s workshop”) in Oku-Musashi is a real hunter’s shop. The owner is hunting deer and wild boar in the region and is not only selling deer meat, but also antlers and accessories made from them such as key holders. You can try the deer meat at Kyukamura Oku-Musashi as a course of the Japanese traditional meal “Kiwami Kaiseki”, which will be offered starting from March. The deer meat of Oku-Musashi is a 100% natural delicacy containing of high nutritional value.

“Ryoshikoubou” hunter’s shop is 15 minutes by car from Kyukamura Oku-Musashi.

Kyukamura Oku-Musashi: