Look for heart-shaped shells on Chiringashima Island!

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Chiringashima is a beautiful unpopulated island in the Kinkou Bay close to Kyukamura Ibusuki. From March to November you can visit the island on foot during spring tide and half tide. During this time an 800m long sandbank connects the main island to Chiringashima. On this sandbank you can find many shells. There is one type of shell called “mokuhachiaoigai” that looks like a heart, if you put two of them together. Last year in May, when the island gained public attention, a nickname for the way of sand was being sought for. From many applications from all over Japan the cute name “Chiririn Road” was selected.

(Caution: At times, you may not be able to visit the island due to bad weather conditions.)

Kyukamura Ibusuki: