Night Safari ~ Looking for Wild Deer at Night ~

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After program briefing, walk on in the dark without footsteps and sign of presence for 5 minutes. If you are lucky to approach without being noticed, you could see a herd of deer eating grass. If you are noticed, [Stamping Sound] of the herd runaway with warning call [Twee!] echoes in the dark. The grassland hill is originally a cattle ranch but wild deer show up every night to eat pasture grass by climbing over a fence. Incident rate and number of heads differ from day to day like 50% and 0 ~ 40 heads respectively because they are wild.

Date and Time: By early December (terminated when snow starts to load.), 20:30 ~ every night
Participation Fee: Free

ナイトサファリ ~夜の野生のシカ探し~
簡単なプログラム説明の後、足音や気配を消して真っ暗な闇の中を歩くこと5 分。気づかれることなく近づくことが出来れば、草を食んでいる鹿の群れが見られます。気付かれてしまうと、「ピーッ!」という警戒の鳴き声とともに、群れが走り逃げる「どどどどー」という音が闇に響きます。草原の丘は本来牛の牧場ですが、柵を乗り越えた野生のシカが毎晩牧草を食べに現れます。野生のため、発生率は50%、頭数は0~40 頭と、日によって差があります。

日時:12 月上旬まで(雪が積もり始めたら終了) 毎晩20:30~