Tsumagoi gourmet: cabbage and yakisoba harmony

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The fresh, mild cabbage from Tsumagoi Village is famous all over Japan. We at Kyukamura Tsumagoi-Kazawa love it too. That’s why our chef has created a new lunch menu for you, which is yakisoba (Japanese noodles) with local Tsumagoi cabbage. The juicy, sweet cabbage and sauce yakisoba are topped with a hot spring egg. Please mix the three ingredients for a rich, distinctive flavor.

Cabbage yakisoba are on offer mid-July to the end of October: 850 Yen (including soup and pudding)

The restaurant of Kyukamura Tsumagoi-Kazawa is open for lunch every day from 12:00 noon to 13:30pm.

Kyukamura Tsumagoi-Kazawa: