Japanese daffodils of Kyonan-machi - Okuzure Garden of Japanese Daffodil Flowers -

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Situated at the gateway to Minamiboso, the Okuzure Garden of Japanese Daffodil Flowers in Kyonan-machi has gained prominence as one of the Japan's three largest daffodil gardens, with the Japanese daffodil gardens in Echizen misaki and Awaji Island being the other two. Beautiful Japanese daffodil flowers are blooming in all their glory from the Sakuma Dam in Kyonan-machi with about 2 kilometers in circumference to the northward along a hiking trail of about 1 kilometer. Each year, nearly 10 million bulbs of Japanese daffodil flowers are shipped to the market. The best time to view Japanese daffodil flowers is around the middle of December and the Japanese daffodil flower festival and other fun events are held at the garden by the end of January. Enjoy the vivid colors of Japanese daffodil flower garden uniquely found around this time of the year.

Okuzure Garden of Japanese Daffodil Flowers: Approximately 50 minutes from Kyukamura Tateyama.

鋸南(きょなん)町の水仙 ~をくづれ水仙郷~