Fine Selected Sake

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Kyukamura Nasu offers 6 fine selected Sake at dinner time.
We prepare a trial set including all 6 kinds of Sake for the guests can do tasting.
Guest can drink all to oneself or share within his/her group.

80ml * 6 cups 1,900 Yen

6 Sake variations
四季桜 /特別本醸造酒 (やや辛口)
日光誉 /純米吟醸酒 (やや辛口)
熟露枯 /山廃純米酒 (やや辛口)
質素堅実 /純米酒 (辛口)
天鷹 /有機純米酒 (辛口)
大那 /純米吟醸酒 (やや辛口)

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