The observation of Tottori's prefectural bird, Mandarin Ducks

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At the Hino River running through Hino-cho, Tottori Prefecture, hundreds of Mandarin ducks spend their winter from November to March every year. At its peak, visitors can enjoy watching nearly 1,000 pairs of Mandarin ducks showing their brightly colored adornments from the observation hut located in Neu, Hino-cho, while local volunteers educate visitors with a detailed explanation about Mandarin duck's unique ecology, characteristics and behaviors in a careful and thoughtful manner.

As implied by the word, a couple of lovebirds, which refers to a male and female of Mandarin ducks, represents how a couple of Mandarin ducks spend most of their time together harmoniously. Your relationship or marriage might get better when you visit with your significant other and your mind will be soothed with the beautiful appearance of Mandarin ducks.

Location: Neu, Hino-cho, Hino-gun, Tottori Prefecture (Approx. 30 minutes by car from Kyukamura OKU-DAISEN)