Mosa Ebi Shrimp - Rare dainty that you can only taste locally in Tottori Prefecture

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People of Tottori Prefecture call black small shrimp "mosa ebi shrimp". Around the months of September to May, fishermen land a catch of mosa ebi shrimp along with catches of flathead flounders and sailfin sandfish using offshore fishing by trawlers. Mosa ebi shrimp has a pleasant elastic texture with a delightful flavor, which has been known to be more delicious than ama ebi shrimp (deep-water shrimp). However, since the freshness of mosa ebi shrimp deteriorates fairly quickly, it is difficult to make shipment to remote locations, making it a rare dainty that is only available to taste locally in Tottori Prefecture. Sashimi, grilled and boiled mosa ebi shrimps are among the popular dishes and mosa ebi shrimps are also featured as a feast for spring festivals in Tottori Prefecture.

At Kyukamura OKU-DAISEN, Japanese shrimp crackers sealed with delectable goodness of mosa ebi shrimp in whole are sold at stores.

Mosa ebi shrimp crackers: Price: 1,260 yen, Contents: 20 crackers per box



もさえび煎餅: 1箱20枚入り1,260円