Newly renovated sand steam baths

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Ibusuki is uniquely known for its steam sand baths, which is Japanese style sauna that the body is covered with sand heated by hot springs that naturally well up from the earth on the beach. After renovation completed in August 2013, the sand steam baths of Kyukamura IBUSUKI can accommodate up to 40 guests. Other popular attractions are the views of Kinko Bay that spread out before your eyes and the open-close type roof, where guests can enjoy looking at the stars in the sky while bathing. After renovation, day visitors can also use the steam sand baths from 11 am. When the weather is nice, it is also recommended to enjoy steam sand bathing outdoors while listening to the sound of the surf.

Single day use: Adult: 1,000 yen, Children (Elementary school students): 600 yen (100 yen off for hotel guests)
Hours for single day use: 11 am to 8 pm (the door closes at 8:30 pm for hotel guests)



日帰り料金:大人1,000円 小学生600円(宿泊の方は100円引き)