Stargazing under a clear winter sky

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Winter is the best season for stargazing, with some of the brightest constellations shining in the winter sky. The astronomical observatory of Kyukamura NOTO-CHIRIHAMA features a 150 mm refracting telescope to offer the breathtaking views of brightly shining stars of the first magnitude, such as the constellation of Orion, Canis Majoris and other constellations distinctive to the winter months. In addition, among the other stars and planets dazzling with infinite brilliancy, you can see Jupiter especially shining adjacent to the constellation of Gemini. On January 3, when a new year just begins, visitors are stunned by the views of falling Quadrantid meter shower in a dark without moonlight, which is one of the three major annual meteor showers. How about joining us to stare up at the night sky in the winter when the air is so clear that visitors can take in the spectacular views to the full.

Duration: Open throughout the year from 8 pm (approx. 30 minutes)
* Please note that a celestial slideshow will be featured depending on the badness of the weather.
Admission: Free



期間:通年 20時から(約30分)