How about trying to make mobile ornaments of Hina (dolls for Girls' Festival)?

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Have one-hour drive from Kyukamura Minami-izu, and visit the Inatori district, the birthplace of Hina mobile ornaments. In the Edo period, people did not afford to prepare Hina dolls for their daughters. However, to celebrate their daughters' first annual, they made Hina dolls by hand out of their love. Each one of the ornaments has individual meaning. For example, a flower ornament shows the parents' wishes for their daughters such as "be pretty as a flower," and the other ornaments similarly show parental wishes for growth and success of children and grandchildren. In Kyukamura Minami-izu, you can try to make traditional mobile ornaments of Hina dolls after dinner. Choose what you want to make among 10 types of beautiful ornaments. We also sell mobile ornaments of Hina at the souvenir shop.

Schedule: Every Friday, from 19:30 
Fee: 500-yen to 2,000-yen
*The fee varies according to ornament type.



日時:毎週金曜日 19:30~ 
参加費:500円~2,000円 ※作品によって異なります。