A representative venue of cherry blossoms, “The big cherry tree of Isshingyo” in Minami-aso

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“The big cherry tree of Isshingyo” in Minami-aso village is the second oldest cherry tree in Kyusyu, whose age is at least 400 years. It is also a tree to pray for the repose of the soul of the general who governed this area. “Minami-aso cherry blossom festival” held in its flowering period is crowded with 200 thousand or more tourists every year. There are also fields of rape around the big cherry tree, and you can enjoy the harmony of light pink cherry blossoms and lovely yellow rape flowers.

Period: Late March to early April in normal years 
Admission fee: 300 yen (only during the flowering period of cherry blossoms)
Place: The whole place of the Isshingyo Park in Minami-aso village, Aso County (approx. 15 minutes from Kyukamura Minami-aso)

Kyukamura Minami-aso



期間:例年3月下旬~4月上旬 入場料:300円(桜の時期のみ)