Impressive experience! Accommodation plan with dolphin watching cruise ticket

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Dolphin watching is extremely popular not only with families with children but also with people of all ages. Kyukamura UNZEN offers an accommodation plan with a dolphin cruise ticket. You can watch dolphins 99% of the time when weather permits because we always check the location of dolphins with the cooperation of local fishermen utilizing a research ship to check the location and behavior of dolphins. You can enjoy an impressive experience of watching wild dolphins!

Period: Until September 30, 2014
Place: Kuchinotsu Sightseeing Ship Business Union (30-minute drive from Kyukamura UNZEN)
Price per night with two meals included: 9,010 yen or more per adult; 5,630 yen per elementary school child; 2,570 yen per infant aged 4 or older
* The price differs depending on the number of nights and people to stay.

Kyukamura UNZEN



期間:~ H26年9月30日 
料金:1泊2食大人お1人様9,010円~ 小学生5,630円 4歳以上2,570円