400 years from the founding of the Takada Castle - Lotus of the Takada Park is the best in the East!

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This year is the 400th anniversary of the start of the castle town of the Takada Castle, where the lord Matsudaira Tadateru, the sixth son of the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, resided. At present, the site of the castle is the Takada Joshi Park. The park is famous nationwide for cherry blossoms at night in spring, being one of the three major cherry blossoms at night in Japan. It is also famous for lotus flowers which bloom in summer, filling the outer moat of the castle. It is said that the beauty and the scale of the lotus are the best in the East. Lotuses were originally planted to harvest lotus roots to rebuild the finance of the Takada Domain which was impoverished due to the Boshin War (1868) and a bad harvest. At the Joetsu Lotus Festival held every summer, events such as the lotus viewing tea ceremony is held.

Period of the Joetsu Lotus Festival: From July 25 - August 17, 2014
Place: Takada Park (40-minute drive from Kyukamura MYOKO)

Kyukamura MYOKO

高田開府400 年 ~高田公園の蓮は東洋一!~

今年は徳川家康の六男・松平忠輝公の居城である高田城の城下町が開かれて400 年の年にあたります。現在は高田城址公園となっており、春の夜桜は、三大夜桜の一つとして全国的に有名ですが、夏に外堀を埋め尽くすように咲く蓮の花も有名で、その美しさ、規模ともに東洋一といわれています。もともと戊辰戦争や凶作により貧窮した高田藩の財政を立て直すためハスを植え、レンコンを育てたことが始まりと言われています。毎年夏に開催される上越はすまつりでは、観蓮茶会などが行われます。