Cosmos Field - Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) “Miyoshi Mura, Hina-no-Sato”

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In Minami Boso City, which is situated next to Tateyama City, there are eight Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Stations), the most in the nation. One of them, “Miyoshi Mura, Hina-no-Sato”, is located in the middle of beautiful countryside. Autumn cosmos flowers cover the field all around brightly and you can enjoy walking through the cosmos fields freely to take photos. Other popular attractions are the farmers’ market selling local grown fresh vegetables, the footbath facility, farming experience, fruits picking, and the original soft served ice cream (usually called ‘soft cream’ in Japanese-English) of the month.

[Michi-no-Eki “Miyoshi Mura, Hina-no-Sato”]
Location: Kawata, Minami Boso City (Approx. 15 minute drive from Kyukamura TATEYAMA)
Cosmos blooming season: Early September to late October

Kyukamura TATEYAMA

コスモス畑 ~道の駅「三芳村(みよしむら) 鄙(ひな)の里」~

館山市のお隣、南房総市には国内最多の8つの道の駅があります。その一つ、田園風景に囲まれた「三芳村 鄙の里」は、秋のコスモスが一面を鮮やかに彩り、コスモス畑に入って自由に撮影もできます。また、新鮮野菜が並ぶ農産物直売所や、足湯、農業体験、フルーツ狩り、月替わりのソフトクリームも人気です。

【道の駅「三芳村 鄙の里」】