“Kanzuri”, the perfect companion for winter in Myoko ~ goes well with meat too ~

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The spicy seasoning called Kanzuri is made by contracted farmers who grow peppers locally, from seed, marinate them in natural seawater salt and let them ferment for three years before they are good to eat. One of the steps in this long process is called Kanzarashi. It involves exposing the marinated peppers to snow when winter is at its coldest, in order to skim off scum. The view of bright red peppers on top of pure white snow has become a winter tradition in Myoko. 6-year old raw Kanzuri sold only in Niigata Prefecture is very popular.

Kyukamura MYOKO store:
Fermented 6-year old raw Kanzuri 1,080 yen (85 g)

*The hotel picture is Kyukamura MYOKO in winter season.

Kyukamura MYOKO



休暇村妙高売店:吟醸6年仕込み生かんずり 1,080円(85g)