The shining blue of Shikotsu Lake will transform freezing chills into chills of delight

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2015 Chitose, Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival:
The Chitose Shikotsu Ice Festival with its ice objects created so as to take advantage of nature’s beauty is the main winter attraction in the Chitose area. This community-led event that started due to the effort and youthful spirit of volunteers and staff of Shikotsu Lake Hot Springs will be held for the 37th time this year.

To this day all of the ice sculptures are made by only about 10 staff who spends many long hours working on these. In November, the frameworks are set up, and then in December the staff keeps on spraying water from the lake on them 24 hours a day, every day. However, the real creator of these beautiful ice sculptures is the wind from Shikotsu Lake blowing over them. The illuminated sculptures offer a spectacular fantasy-like night view, and in the afternoon light shine in beautiful blue. Water from Shikotsu Lake has very few impurities, which allows light to travel through the ice easily. This radiates the so-called "Shikotsu blue", a miraculous color that you can only find here.

Time: January 30, 2015 ? February 22, 2015
Venue: Chitose city, Shikotsu Lake Hot Springs (10-minute walk from Kyukamura SHIKOTSUKO)



自然の造形美を生かした氷のオブジェ「千歳・支笏湖 氷濤(ひょうとう)まつり」は、千歳エリアを代表する冬の一大イベントです。今シーズンで第37回を迎えるこのイベントは、支笏湖温泉で働く有志たちの遊び心とボランティアによって始まった住民手作りのまつりです。