Hotel details

Total number of guest rooms 66 rooms
Capacity 246 persons
Guest rooms Japanese room:62rooms / Western room:4rooms
Room facilities / Amenities Television (satellite broadcasting), refrigerator, telephone, air conditioning, desk lamp, toilet with electronic bidet, dryer, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, comb, towel set, yukata, slippers, tea set, kettle pot, cold water pot
Hotel Facilities
Sports Pool(only in summer) / Pool for children / Tennis court
Venue Banquet hall / Conference room
Eatery Restaurant, tea lounge
Store Vending machine, laundromat, newspaper stand, souvenir shop


Ohyabu-cho, Sakaide-city,Kagawa,762-0015,Japan

  • +81-877-47-0231【Japanese】


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