“Star watching meeting” in the long autumn night

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The Kyukamura SETOUCHI-TOYO staff holds moon observation meeting with an astronomical telescope and provides a meeting to explain stars and star signs with a star plate. The astronomical event in the autumn is for Orionid meteor shower which peaks at 19:00 on October 21. The national park resort is not surrounded by many town lights and you can enjoy star-filled night sky that you hardly see in urban life. As you can join for free, we hope you have a romantic moment in the long autumn night.

Period of star observation meeting: Every Saturday from September 1 through October 31, 2013 (Cancelled in case of rain or cloudy condition)
Time: 20:00 ~




星座観察会期間:平成25年9月1日 ~ 10月31日 毎週土曜日(雨天・曇天時中止)