Try it Raw! Extra sweet corn harvesting experience

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No need to go all the way to Hokkaido, as delicious corn is a main crop in the agricultural superpower Atsumi Peninsula. New varieties of sweet corn, such as "Gold Rush" are particularly well harvested. The grain skin is softer than ever seen before and the grain itself is big and juicy, so it is delicious even raw. At Kyukamura IRAKO, we hold harvesting experience tours from late June through early July. You can eat freshly harvested corn of your choice at our partner farms or take it home as a present. The harvesting experience and the taste of the freshly picked gold rush corn will be a wonderful memory that stays with you forever.

Corn harvesting tour: Free participation (160 yen / per one harvested corn)
Kyukamura departure at 9:00 a.m. Time required: about 1 hour

Kyukamura IRAKO



とうもろこし収穫体験ツアー:参加無料 (160円/収穫1本) 
休暇村出発9時 所要時間約1時間