Let’s make “Suiton”, a legendary monster of Hiruzen Plateau, with cork!

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The national park resort offers a recreational activity to make “Suiton”, a traditional monster unique the Hiruzen area, with wine cork. According to the legend, Suiton is said to know everything that people think and eat those who plan an evil scheme. You can see the statues of Suiton everywhere in the Plateau. Small children can join the event and you can take the corky Suiton home as a souvenir after making.

Day and time: From 19:30 on Sundays *Subject to change to another day
Place: Cafeteria section on the 1st floor of East Building, Kyukamura Hiruzen-Kogen
Fee: free *Limited to the first ten overnight guests


コルクで作ろう!蒜山高原 伝説の怪物「スイトン」


期間:毎週日曜日19時半~ ※曜日は変更になる場合あり
場所:休暇村蒜山高原 東館1階喫茶コーナー 
参加費:無料 ※ご宿泊の方で先着10名様限定