Winter Feature of KESEN-NUMA, [Shark Fin Drying in the Sun]

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What you see in KESENNUMA city on fine winter days is “Shirk Fin” drying in the sun and not fish drying in the sun. The excellent quality of shirk fin from KESENNUMA is supported by unique climate and location conditions but especially in winter time, cold and dry seasonal wind blows which is suitable to extract water from dried marine products. Also, fine weather rate in winter is extremely high and is the perfect season for making dried marine products. Firmed up shirk fin after exposed to the sun and cold wind for about 3 months is shipped with a focus on the Tokyo metropolitan area but is partly exported to overseas such as China, Hong Kong, etc.

冬の晴れた日に気仙沼市内で目にするのは、魚の天日干しならぬ“フカヒレ”の天日干し。気仙沼のふかひれの品質の良さは、独特の気候と立地に支えられているといわれますが、特に冬は寒冷で非常に乾燥した季節風が吹くため、干物の水分を飛ばすのに最適。また晴天率が非常に高く、干物作りにはもってこいの季節です。3 ヶ月ほど天日と寒風にさらされ、身がひきしまったフカヒレは、首都圏を中心に出荷されますが、一部は中国や香港など海外へも輸出されています。