Onsen Mecca Gunma: The moving history of Kazawa Onsen

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There are various sagas revolving around the exploration of Kazawa Onsen. One story tells us that it was used since ancient times by hunters to cure their wounds when attacked by deer during their hunt. Others say, when the deity Yakushinyorai appeared in thick, white fog at the place, hot waters emerged from underneath and continue to do so to this day. The spring became well known, when the son of emperor Seiwa cured his ill eyes with the help of the spring water. It is said that it took him only days to cure his illness thanks to the powers of the onsen. At present, the springs Takinoyu, Chiyonoyu, Kumoinoyu, Ryugunoyu are emerging all out of the Kazawa hot spring system. The onsen in Kyukamura Kazawa-Kogen emerges out of the Kumoinoyu original spring, so it was given the same name: “Kumoinoyu”.
Day use: 12 noon to 6pm (Saturdays and peak season: until 3pm)
Hot spring type: magnesium sodium hydrogen carbonate

Kyukamura Kazawa-Kogen:

温泉大国群馬 鹿沢温泉の歴史を知る