Just the right tofu, when spring is coming soon: Sakura Tofu

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“Motose” is a shop in the Hiruzen area for tofu and yuba specialties that are made with groundwater coming from 72m below. In spring it offers a special creation, a tofu, which is refined with a salted sakura (Japanese cherry tree) leave, coated in a fancy silk fabric. Eating this tofu you will be able to smell a fresh hint of the sweet spring. Other popular specialties of the shop include tofu sweets like soy milk donuts or soy milk tiramisu.

One piece of the Sakura Tofu costs 250 Yen. On sale till the end of April!

“Motose” is 5 min. by car from Kyukamura Hiruzen-Kogen.

Kyukamura Hiruzen-Kogen: