Resumed for the season: whale watching in the sea of Nanki!

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Every year from approximately beginning of April to beginning of September whale watching boats are running from the Ugui Peninsula to the surrounding sea. The boats are leaving in the early morning and tours depend on sea and weather conditions, however, the feeling when you spot a group of these large impressive mammals close-by is truly rewarding! Most popular are the imposing 19m long sperm whales. They are giving birth and parenting between March and September in the Kumano Sea. Apart from sperm whales, you can also see humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins etc. In total about 20 types of marine mammals!

The whale watching company Nanki Marine Leisure Service is about 10 minutes by car from Kyukamura Nanki-Katsura. For more information about the whale watching tours, please see the link below:

Kyukamura Nanki-Katsura: