Enjoy the “Above the Clouds” tea in the morning mist at 700m elevation

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“Unjoucha” means “Above the Clouds Tea”, which is the atmospheric name of the organic tea produced by the local tea company “Omoteyaen”. The first tea of the season is harvested at Chausuyama Pass every year in the middle of May. The master of the tea company Omoteyaen Mr. Obayashi says about its tea: “Only once a year we have the chance to harvest these fresh first organic tea leaves. We have pride in the invigorating smell of this tea with a 35-year-old tradition.” Indeed, the organic tea of Mr. Obayashi has such a special aroma that it even made it into the specialist tea shop “Postcard Teas” in London. If you wish, you can enjoy the “Above the clouds” tea in the soba restaurant “Chazenichi” on a hill overlooking the tea fields. A short rest with excellent soba noodles and superior tea in this scenery will perfectly refresh your body and soul. The harvesting season is in May, though the fresh tea will be sold from June on.

Kyukamura Chausuyama-Kogen: