Matsumoto Castle Taiko-mon Gate opening and Taiko Drum Festival

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Matsumoto Castle was built by the Ishikawa clan in 1504 AD. It is said that the clan built the castle in black to show its loyalty to the strong military commander Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It is famous as the only castle in Japan with a remaining intact moon-watching tower as part of the main tower and has been enlisted as “National Treasure of Japan” for this reason.

At this castle you can experience the Taiko Drum Festival on the last weekend of July (July 30-31, 2016). Watch the stunning backdrop of the Japan Alps behind the castle while you listen to the echo of the powerful Japanese drum performances. Professional and amateur drummers from all over Japan show their skills on the castle grounds. At night, you can enjoy a beautiful illumination around the castle.

The drum tower, which once had the crucial task of marking the time and the arrival of important guests to the castle, has been restored in 1999. It is open to visitors only three times a year. The next time will be July 16 to August 16, so that you can visit this significant tower as well, when you come for the Taiko Drum Festival.

Matsumoto Castle is 90 min. by car from Kyukamura Norikura-Kogen (within walking distance from JR Kitamatsumoto Station).

Kyukamura Norikura-Kogen: