Find tiles of an old castle in the ruins of Mt. Gohongadake

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Gohogadake castle is the name of since the beginning of the modern times untouched, almost perfectly preserved mountain castle remains. The initial castle was built in the Muromachi period (1333-1573 AD) by Miyashi. Later on Kazukatsu Nagao, the minister of daimyo Masanori Fukushima, built the stone wall and the main buildings close to the mountain top. Though the ruins are now registered as a prefectural historic site of Hiroshima Prefecture, close to the mountain top you can still find old broken tiles with engraved family crest or traces of the stone wall. Since it is not a major castle the traces have been left there untouched so that you can see the castle just how it is formed by history. Looking at the topography and thinking how oneself would try to conquer this castle while you walk up is a fun way to visit these castle remains!

15 min. by car from Kyukamura Azumayama Lodge

Kyukamura Azumayama-Lodge: