Original tofu from Hiruzen at the tofu shop “Motose”

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The local tofu shop “Motose”, which is 5 min. by car from Kyukamura Hiruzen-Kogen, has just the right tofu for every season on offer for you: sakura-tofu in spring, green-soybean-tofu in summer and chestnut-tofu in fall. All tofu specialties are made using 100% Japanese tofu and groundwater coming from 72m below. Another famous type is the tofu made from blue soybeans. This is a rarity with a national production of only 20 tons and hence highly priced. Other popular specialties of the shop include tofu sweets like soy milk donuts or soy milk tiramisu. The superb taste and reliable quality of the tofu products is the main reason, why “Motose” is loved and trusted by so many regular customers.

At Kyukamura Hiruzen-Kogen we also offer changing “Motose” tofu-specialties as part of the dinner buffet. Please inquire for details.

Kyukamura Hiruzen-Kogen: