High-grade salmon roe rice bowl

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During the spawning season of the landlocked masu salmon, Kyukamura Azumayama-Lodge offers a high-grade salmon roe rice bowl as a special, seasonal gourmet lunch menu. The rice bowl with the delicious salmon roe is topped with a fresh egg from a local free-range farm in Hiwa. As a finishing, the egg is dressed with fine raw caviar from Hiroshima Prefecture that melts on your tongue. Try this rare dish with our special miso sauce provided exclusively for you.

The high-grade salmon roe rice bowl is on offer from the end of October: 2980 Yen (limited to 5 dishes per day)
The restaurant of Kyukamura Azumayama-Lodge is open for lunch every day from 11:30 to 13:30.

Kyukamura Azumayama-Lodge: