Natural Treasure ~ Autumn Leaves in UNZEN ~

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Fall season in UNZEN where flamingly bright autumn leaves taint mountains. It is told that there are more than 120 species of turning color plants and broad-leaved forest expanding over the FUGENDAKE-Mountain, 1,359m elevation, has been assigned as a national natural treasure. A little after the autumn leave season, yellow flowers of crested leopard come into bloom. And climbing up from the parking lot of NITA Mountain Path to MYOKENDAKE Mountain is capable by ropeway and aerial walk is enjoyable while looking down wide scenery spreading below your eyes from 1,300m elevation.

Best Period: Mid-October through Mid-November 
Location: NITA Mountain Path (About 30 minutes from Kyukamura UNZEN by car) 

天然記念物 ~ 雲仙の紅葉~