One of the Japan's three largest habitats of daffodils, Nadakuroiwa Suisenkyo

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Nadakuroiwa Suisenkyo, situated approximately 35 minutes by car from Kyukamura MINAMI-AWAJI, is well known for its beautiful fields of daffodils, which were first planted by local fishermen who found the bulbs of daffodils that were washed ashore approximately 180 years ago. The planted daffodils were gradually spread all over the 45 degree steep slopes stretching from Mt. Yuzuruha-san located in the southern region of Awaji Island to the ocean. There are more than five million bulbs of wild Japanese daffodils blooming in the vast fields stretching for 7 hectares, filling the area with the sweet scent of Japanese daffodils.

Open: Late December through the middle of February
Admission fee: 400 yen for adults

日本三大水仙群生地 灘黒岩水仙郷