The 43rd Izushi Cherry Blossom Festival

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The cherry blossom trees in Izushi town of Toyooka are Yaezakura, a double flowering cherry blossom tree, that begins to bloom after Somei yoshino cherry trees, Prunus yedoensis, came into full bloom. In celebration of the cherry blossom season, an annual Izushi Cherry Blossom Festival is held from the end of March to the end of April to attract visitors with the remontant cherry blossom trees. Another famous tourist attraction during this season is the soba noodles of Izushi, which were brought from Shinshu in the middle of the Edo era. A soba noodle eating contest is held every year as the seasonal tradition, and this year makes it the 43rd year. The contest participants compete against each other by eating the local specialty, Izushi sarasoba (soba served on a plate), in a short period, ranging from 10 minutes to 15 minutes depending on an individual match, group match and family match. The participation fee for an individual match is 1,000 yen per person.

[Izushi soba eating contest]
Date and time: From 11 am on April 20 , 2014
Venue: An open space in front of the Izushi City Hall (located approx. an hour by car from Kyukamura TAKENO-KAIGAN)
Contact: Tajima County Izushi Tourism Association

第43 回「出石(いずし)桜まつり」
豊岡市出石町の桜は、ソメイヨシノが満開になった後に八重桜が咲きはじめる「二度咲きの桜」が、3 月末から4 月末の桜まつり期間中に楽しめます。江戸時代中期に信州から持ち込まれたそばも有名で、出石ならではの「そば喰い大会」も今年で43 回目。個人戦・団体戦・家庭円満戦で10 分から15 分の間に食べた名物出石皿そばの数を競います。参加費は、個人戦の場合1 人1,000 円。

【出石そば喰い大会】日時:平成26 年4 月20日 午前11 時開始
会場:出石市役所前広場(休暇村竹野海岸より車で約1 時間)