"Ise-ebi Matsuri (spiny lobster festival)," charming sights of autumn in Minami-izu

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Minamiizu-cho, at the southernmost end of Izu Peninsula is proud of the first spiny lobster catch in Shizuoka Prefecture. When the season of spiny lobsters begins in the middle of September, you can see the spectacle of removing spiny lobsters from fishing nets at the harbor in the early morning. Also, almost all hotels and guest houses in the town serve spiny lobster dishes for dinner. These services are called "Ise-ebi Matsuri (spiny lobster festival)." Please enjoy the delicacies of the season, plump and juicy spiny lobsters!

* Accommodation rates vary accordingly to individual hotels.

Kyukamura MINAMI-IZU

南伊豆の秋の風物詩 ~伊勢海老まつり~