KYUKAMURA hereby provides for the Terms of Use, as is provided for in the Article 9 of the Accommodation Contract, for your safe and comfortable use of the HOTEL, and you are asked for complying with these Terms of Use. If you do not comply, we may refuse you to stay and/or to use the facilities in this HOTEL, and as the case may be, we may ask you to indemnify the damage caused to us, so please make sure to comply with these Terms of Use.
Please note that these Terms of Use shall apply to all those who use KYUKAMURA, not only to the guests staying in this HOTEL. For matters not stipulated herein, the laws and regulations or generally established customs will apply.

Instructions for fire prevention

  1. KYUKAMURA has been constructed taking all possible measures to ensure the safety maintenance, but as a precautionary measure for your own safety, please check the emergency exits by yourself.
  2. Smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking areas.
  3. Please do not carry in heater-applied appliances including space heaters, clothes iron and cooking appliances to use in the room.
  4. Please do not take any action which may cause fire.
  5. The fire equipment, evacuation equipment and other equipment are important for ensuring the security of all who are in this HOTEL. Please do not use them under an unnecessary circumstance, and under no circumstance make mischief.

Safety Instructions

  1. Please make sure to lock the door before you go out from your room.
  2. Please leave your key with the desk clerk before you go out from the HOTEL.
  3. Please refrain from seeing a visitor in the room you are staying. If you wish to see a visitor, please use the lobby or the tea lounge.

Handling of Valuables

For your cash and valuables, please use the safe deposit equipped in the room, or leave them at the desk clerk declaring their kinds and values, to avoid any accident.


Payments must be made in cash, coupons approved by KYUKAMURA, or credit card at the time of departure or when KYUKAMURA issues an invoice. If you intend to pay by means other than cash, such as coupons or discount tickets, you must present such coupons or tickets when checking in.

Other matters to be observed

  1. Do not bring in anything that may inconvenience other guests, such as a pet, combustible or flammable substances, substances that emit offensive odors, or other articles that are prohibited under laws or regulations. However, this does not apply to a service dog.
  2. Please refrain from making noise, debasing morals or orders, or otherwise causing trouble to other guests.
  3. The following persons are prohibited from entering the common big bathroom in this HOTEL:
     - A person who is heavily drunken;
     - A person who has a tattoo (including tattoo-stickers)
      *However, this will not apply if the tattoo is hidden from other guest’s sight.
  4. Do not use the room, lobby or other spaces of this HOTEL for your business operation (including exhibition, advertising, promotion and sales).
  5. Do not alter the facilities and/or supplies in unusual manner, and do not use them for any purpose other than the intended use.
  6. After finishing the use of the lavatory (shower or bathroom depending on the room type), make sure that you turned off the faucet. In case where water is flooded outside the washbowl or the bathtub, the neighboring rooms and the rooms in lower stairs may be damaged and/or the automatic fire alarm system may be affected.
  7. For the purpose of effective use of energy, we kindly ask you to cooperate in saving power and water.
  8. For health and hygiene purposes, do not carry in any cooked foods.