National Park Resort Villages of Japan,Qkamura - Rules for Use

These rules for use have been formulated to enable guests to use the resort villages in safety and enjoyment. We ask that you cooperate by observing the provisions of Article 9 of the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts. Please be advised that if you do not abide by these terms and conditions, we will have no choice other than to deny you accommodation or the use of the facilities. In some instances, we may ask you to assume liability for damages. Therefore, please pay particular heed to the following provisions.

Fire prevention provisions

  1. These resort villages have been constructed to ensure that safety is maintained in every way. First, however, please take the initiative to note the locations of emergency exits.
  2. We request that you smoke only in those areas reserved for smoking in the buildings, including the smoking sections and guest rooms. Make sure to dispose of all cigarette butts in the ashtrays at these locations. Make particularly certain that you have done so when leaving your room for any reason or when you go to sleep.
  3. Do not bring or use any appliances or equipment in the rooms that use fire, such as heaters or rice cookers, or irons or similar appliances.
  4. Do not perform any activity that could cause a fire.
  5. The fire prevention equipment, facilities, and all tools and equipment for evacuation are important for customer safety. Therefore, do not under any circumstances use them for purposes other than which they are intended or tamper with them.

Safety provisions

  1. Check the lock when leaving your room during your stay.
  2. Leave your key at the front desk when leaving the facility for any reason.
  3. Refrain from entertaining guests in your room during your stay here. Use the lobby or the tea lounge instead.

Handling valuables

To prevent mishaps with cash or other valuables, either store them in the safe in your room or leave them at the front desk after clearly denoting their type and value.


  1. Payment of charges will be made in currency, coupons recognized by the resort village, or credit cards. The payment will be accepted at the front desk on departure or when requested by the resort village. When paying by a method in which the payment is made in coupons, discount coupons, or other cash substitutes, present them in advance.
  2. Please be advised we may ask for the accommodation charge on your arrival.

Other provisions

  1. Do not bring anything onto the premises that could disturb other guests, such as dogs, cats, birds, other animals, other items that emit fire or are combustible, items with an unpleasant odor, or other items whose possession is prohibited by law. An exception will be made for guide dogs.
  2. Perform no speech or action on the premises that could disturb other guests, such as loud voices, boisterous singing, activities that create a clamor, gambling, and acts that would upset order or public safety.
  3. The following people should not use the large bath on the premises; those who are intoxicated or those with tattoos.
  4. Do not use the guest rooms or lobby of the resort village to conduct business activities (exhibitions, advertising, publicity, or sales) or for purposes other than those intended without permission.
  5. Do not use the facilities or equipment on the premises in a way that would significantly alter them, or for uses other than those in which they were intended.
  6. Be sure to turn off the water after using the bath or sinks. Failure to do so could cause them to overflow, damaging the neighboring rooms, the rooms on floors below, or the automatic fire detection systems.
  7. Please cooperate by using energy resources carefully and not using electricity or water to excess.
  8. To maintain health and hygiene standards, do not bring food onto the premises.